Tool Room Attendant

San Diego, CA posted on September 22


POSITION SUMMARY:  Stocks and inventory tools; issue tools to and receive and inspect tools returned by mechanics.



  1. Have all tools located on shelves, racks, or in drawers.
  2. Enter all tools in DBS in the proper SOS with a part number, description and location.
  3. Issues tools to mechanics upon request including preparation of a DBS document similar to a work-order transaction.
  4. Physically receive tools from mechanics when their work is complete:
  5. Inspects the tool for damage, loose connectors, wires, etc., in some cases, repair tools as directed.
  • Notifies the manager or Leadsperson of any damaged tools.
  • Credits the tool to the Work Order using DBS (this removes it from the work order and shows it available for use again).
  • Prepares tool lists in advance for jobs, upon direction from Manager of Leadsperson.
  • Services shop trucks and repair shop equipment.
  • Assists in Oil Lab.
  • Maintains wash rack.
  • Keeps track of bulk oil receipts and issues.
  • Maintains inventory of warranty parts until disposition is determined.
  • Maintains service manual library.
  • Keeps track of shop supply inventories – hand towel and cleaning item purchases and issues.
  • Qualifications


    1. Must have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.
    2. Read and understand service manuals.
    3. Ability to troubleshoot the need for repairs on tools.
    4. Tool repair without use of manuals.
    5. Ability to work with minimal supervision.
    6. Good written and verbal communication skills.
    7. PC skills.


    TESTING REQUIREMENTS:  Applicants may be required to pass a written and/or oral examination before being considered for employment in this position.



    1. Walking and moving about on foot often.
    2. Hands/arms operating equipment, hand and power tools.
    3. Handling: Seizes, helps or works with hands.
    4. Lifting: Raises or lowers miscellaneous equipment parts and tools.
    5. Reaching: Extends hands and arms in any direction.                                                                                  
    6. Stooping: Bends body downward and forward by bending at knees or waist.
    7. Standing: Remains in standing position if required for certain repair or maintenance work.
    8. Climbing:  Up and down to access bulk oil containers.
    9. Vision: Read work tickets, parts and service manuals.
    10. Talking: Communications by radio, phone and in person.
    11. Hearing: Hears well enough to discern mechanical problems for safety in and around shop and to receive communication by radio, phone and in person.
    12. Lifting: Some heavy lifting, up to 50lbs.



    1. Noise: Works in conditions with constant or intermittent noise.
    2. Temperatures/Weather: Works in & outdoors with variations of temperature and weather.
    3. Exposure: Foul odors, fumes and harsh substances.


    ACCOMMODATIONS:   Reasonable accommodations for essential functions of the position will be considered.


    Hawthorne Cat® is an Equal Employment Opportunity/M/F/disability/protected veteran status.

    Hawthorne Cat® Participates in E-Verify.