Terminal Operator - San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA posted on April 8

The Terminal Operator supports the day-to-day operation of the terminal business and is a focal point with internal and external customers.

The San Jose Terminal Operator is expected to safely perform all duties related to the receipt, storage, and distribution of petroleum products and support storage tank terminals and pipeline operations within the Bay area.

The Terminal Operator's duties include, but are not limited to:
  • Safely monitoring and receiving light oil products and additives from 3rd party carriers
  • Ensuring the safe and efficient loading of light oil products
  • Performing general housekeeping, light maintenance and required inspections and record keeping during the work schedule
  • Conductiong Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections on applicable equipment
  • Ensuring standards are met for the issuance of Hot Work, Safe Work and Confined Space entry permits in accordance with the SOPUS safety manual
  • Working in compliance with Federal and local regulations for AQMD, SPCC, Hazmat, Hazwaste and Weights and Measures
  • Performing stock accounting utilizing the TMS system
  • Manually gauging temperature indicators for required verification 
  • Calibrating and performing quality assurance test on products
  • Serving as a liaison for the Shell terminal with the Marketing, Supply & Distribution departments and external customers