Terminal Operator-Carson, CA

San Jose, CA posted on November 1

The Carson terminal is a pipeline terminal that handles gasoline, distillate, ethanol and chemicals products for distribution to Shell customers. The terminal receives product via pipeline and rail and ships out product via a truck loading rack and pipeline operations. Terminal operators are responsible for all operational duties related to the receipt, storage and distribution of its products.
Specific Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Compliance with company procedures, government regulations and DOT regulations related to HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental) and various agency permits
  • General maintenance and housekeeping in support of terminal assets to ensure a safe, secure, and environmentally sound operation
  • Handling, receiving, transferring, shipping, and storing of petroleum products via pipeline,  rail car and truck
  • Basic problem solving on equipment malfunctions and other terminal systems
  • Basic knowledge of computer input and stock reconciliation
  • Quality assurance sampling and testing of products
Additionally Terminal Operators are accountable for thorough and complete compliance with company and regulatory procedures in the execution of their jobs.
Examples include:
  • Compliance with the Distribution Health & Safety Manual
  • Compliance with the Terminal Operations Manual
  • Compliance with the Distribution Measurement Manual
  • Familiar and compliant with environmental manuals such as the FRP and SPCC Plans