Temp Rental Coordinator

San Diego, CA posted on October 28


The Temporary Rental Coordinator coordinates deliveries and pick-ups of all rental equipment, working with the Drivers, Sales Reps, Rental Managers, and other departments as necessary.  Communicates and works closely with other Hawthorne employees, including all other Hawthorne divisions and departments, to ensure highest level of customer service possible.

  1. Answers phones and takes request for transportation and rental needs.
  2. Coordinates the timely delivery of equipment to the desired location per the customer’s request.
  3. Handles multiple incoming phone calls and multiple requests regarding transport, while providing exceptional customer service.
  4. Tracks and monitors drivers' Hours of Service.
  5. Projects professional demeanor and courtesy when interacting with customers and Hawthorne associates.
  6. Maintains on-time Deliveries (90% or better) and equipment pick-ups within 1.25 days.
  7. Directs proper utilization of all trucks and other transportation equipment assigned to the department.
  8. Responsible for all driver logs being completed, for obtaining all necessary permits for hauling inside and outside the county, and billing all interdepartmental bills in a timely manner.
  9. Processes all transportation bills in workflow and submits to transportation manager daily.
  10. Responsible for All BIT’s for company delivery trucks.  Ensures all inspections are completed on time.
  11. Utilizes Hawthorne trucks and keep sub-hauls to a minimum (within 5% per month).
  12. May assist with deliveries (driving) when demand arises.
  13. Assists management and others with special projects and other duties as required.


  1. Must have at least 2 years experience in the equipment rental industry, preferably as a foreman, mechanic, truck driver, or sales representative. Military experience in a similar occupational specialty would meet this requirement.
  2. Some advanced education in technical school, specialized business school, military training, or equivalent in practical and on the job training preferred.
  3. Possess broad and in-depth knowledge of trucking and transportation of heavy equipment.
  4. Able to demonstrate high proficiency in computer applications.
  5. Excellent communication ability and high level of customer relation skills.



  1. Walking and moving about on foot often through uneven terrain.
  2. Handling:  Seizes, helps or works with hands.
  3. Lifting:  Raises or lowers miscellaneous equipment parts, small tools, batteries, and tampers.
  4. Reaching:  Extends hands and arms in any direction.
  5. Stooping:  Bends body downward and forward by bending at knees or waist.
  6. Standing:  Remains in standing position if required to perform various functions of the job.
  7. Climbing:  In and out of equipment.
  8. Vision:  Read rental documents, invoices and bills.
  9. Talking:  Communications by radio, phone, and in person.
  10. Sitting:  Sits in equipment and in vehicles.


PHYSICAL STRENGTH:  Lifting:  Up to 60lbs.



  1. Noise:  Works in conditions with constant or intermittent noise.
  2. Temp/Weather:  Works in an office environment outside with variations of temperature and weather.
  3. Exposure:  Foul odors, fumes and harsh substances.


ACCOMMODATIONS:   Reasonable accommodations for essential functions of the position will be considered.


Hawthorne Cat® is an Equal Employment Opportunity/M/F/disability/protected veteran status.

Hawthorne Cat® Participates in E-Verify.