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East Bay Municipal Utility District’s (EBMUD’s) Construction Division, part of the Engineering and Construction Department, is seeking a highly qualified individual with exceptional technical, interpersonal and communication skills. Under close supervision, a Survey Technician I works as a member of a two- or three-person survey crew, or in a survey office performing survey duties including:

• Assisting in locating, uncovering and setting control points by following directions from the Chief of Party.

• Marking construction stakes using spray paint or magic marker.

• Setting up tripods or other survey targets over a point to provide a back sight for the survey instrument.

• Using a rod level to plumb a rod.

• Clearing line by cutting brush, branches and/or vegetation with the appropriate tools such as a machete, brush hook or hand axe.

• Walking through rough terrain and carrying equipment such as tripods, bags of wood and sledge hammers.

• Entering confined spaces.

• Using cloth or steel tape to measure distance.

• Manually operating metal detectors to locate metal objects.

• Maintaining survey equipment and hand tools.

• Checking field notes in order to verify level runs.

• Researching survey maps, deeds and field notes.

• Maintaining daily activity and job logs.

• Ordering and maintaining supplies and survey books.

• Checking surveillance forms of completed jobs.

• Filing completed jobs and field books by category and type.

• Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships.

Knowledge of:

• Mathematics up to and including trigonometry.

• Traffic and construction safety principles and practices at the job site.

Physically able to:

• Climb structures such as ladders, trees and barbed wire fences to get to the work site or clear the work site.

• Handle and physically transport survey equipment such as prisms and tribrachs.

• Read measuring tapes, and find the punch mark on a monument.

• Perform physical labor such as mixing concrete, digging holes, setting points, etc.

• Work outside in a variety of weather conditions, where temperatures can range from freezing to over 100°.

• Walk extensively over rough terrain.

Ability to:

• Operate hand tools.

• Effectively interact with people in strained or hostile circumstances.

• Follow oral instructions.

• Read maps.

• Perform arithmetic calculations using a calculator.

• Work outdoors with possible exposure to rattlesnakes, ticks and poison oak.

• Learn to use a computer to utilize a computer tracking system.

• Learn to use filing systems related to surveying.

• Learn EBMUD policies and procedures.

• Drive an EBMUD vehicle in a safe and courteous manner.

• Learn to read and interpret maps, drawings and charts.

• Learn basic surveying principles to assist in the scope of survey work.

• Read calibrated graduations in order to read survey rods and other measuring devices.


A typical means of acquiring the essential knowledge and abilities is:

Completion of the twelfth grade, or its equivalent, including or supplemented by a course in trigonometry. Must possess a valid California driver’s license and have a satisfactory driving record. Willing to work outdoors under a variety of geographic and climatic conditions, and around various outdoor hazards such as poison oak. Must possess the physical characteristics to perform the critical and important duties of the position including strength and stamina to lift and carry survey equipment for distances up to a mile over steep and rugged terrain. May be required on a scheduled basis to be clean shaven as required to wear respiratory protection equipment. Must be willing to work overtime, or out-of-town as needed.


1. Submit a completed EBMUD application and the required supplemental question responses online at by 4:30 p.m., Friday, August 28, 2015. Only the first 200 qualified application materials submitted online during the filing period will be accepted.

2. Candidates meeting the minimum requirements will be invited to the written test, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2015. The study guide will be available online during the recruitment period; candidates are responsible for printing the study guide and viewing the maps during this period. The study guide will continue to be available on Government Jobs. You will need to use your Government Jobs log-in to download the study guide after the recruitment closes.

3. Those candidates passing the written test will be invited to the next step in the selection process, a panel interview. This step is tentatively scheduled for late September to early October 2015.

4. Successful candidates will be placed on the hiring list, based on rank, for further consideration to fill regular and temporary vacancies that occur during the next 12 to 24 months.


As the first step in the selection process, responses to the supplemental questions must be submitted online with the regular EBMUD application.

1. Did you complete the 12th grade or its equivalent? YES _____ NO _____

2. Have you taken and passed a course in trigonometry? YES _____ NO _____

3. Do you have a valid California driver’s license? YES _____ NO _____

4. Do you have a satisfactory driving record? YES _____ NO _____

5. Are you willing to work outdoors under a variety of geographic and climatic conditions? YES _____ NO _____

6. Are you willing to work around various outdoor hazards such as poison oak? YES _____ NO _____

7. Do you have the necessary strength and stamina to lift and carry survey equipment for distances up to a mile over steep and rugged terrain? YES _____ NO _____

8. Are you willing to be clean shaven on a scheduled basis in order to wear respiratory protection equipment? YES _____ NO _____

9. Are you willing to work paid overtime as needed? YES _____ NO _____

10. Are you willing to work out-of-town as needed? YES _____ NO _____

Please note that your employment history and responses to these questions will be reviewed and verified during this selection process, and you may be disqualified if you are found to not meet the requirements of the job and/or if you submitted false information.