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San Francisco, CA posted on August 6

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    HIRING: Site Superintendent in San Francisco, CA


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    CLP is currently hiring a Superintendent for a high-end residential construction company in the San Francisco, California area.  The Superintendent functions as the Jobsite Manager by overseeing Subcontractors, Carpenters, Assistant Carpenters and Laborers.  This employee is expected to ensure that the project comes in on time and under budget.  Managing clients, construction managers, architects, design professionals, consultants, neighbors and inspectors is vital to being a successful Superintendent.


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    Superintendent Job Description:

    Site Activities  

    •      Responsible for day-to-day construction activities and progress

    •      Resolve day-to-day issues/problems/conflicts

    •      Establish and monitor all quality standards, in strict accordance with plans and specifications. Reject substandard work and materials.

    •      Must plan and implement efficient staffing, equipment mobilization, work distribution, material handling and storage, and housekeeping

    •      Direct/manage carpenters, subcontractors, and suppliers

    •      Understand and process Owner/Architect changes/clarifications for pricing and installation (with PM)

    •      Implement emergency/after-hours response protocols

    •      Design/manage finish protection procedures

    •      Be proactive with subcontractor communication and site preparation

    •      Establish and maintain site rules, hours, neighbor relations, parking policies, security analyses and fire safety protocols

    •      Maintain toolset and coordinate ordering of necessary materials

    •      Prioritize and delegate tasks, and obtain additional personnel if necessary, to ensure that all critical Superintendent tasks are completed correctly.



    •      Keep daily reports

    •      Must completely understand all plans and specifications for the project and maintain accessibility for jobsite personnel. Must cross reference different trades, drawings, cut sheets and visualize in 3 dimensions.

    •      Fundamental understanding and maintenance of RFI’s, Field Orders, PCO’s, RFI Sketches, Submittals, Transmittals, Samples and Mockups

    •      Maintain/download complete photo documentation of project, including all below grade conditions, all covered in-wall conditions, all waterproofing locations, all structural details, along with general job progress photos

    •      Maintain all inspection cards and permit sets and complete all permit paperwork for the project

    •      Assist PM in closeout procedures and dead storage

    •      Shop drawings: review, comment (with PM input), check dimensions, coordinate layouts, maintain on site



    •      Help develop and refine the master schedule

    •      Develop, maintain and explain 3 week rolling schedule at weekly meetings

    •      Analyze and update the schedule for restraints, deadlines, milestones and “workarounds”

    •      Target layout and long-lead material orders, inspections, and utility hookups

    •      Schedule and coordinate all subcontractors, monitor their performance, and submit progress reports/ notices of delay (with PM input)



    •      Maintain good relationships with architects, subcontractors, clients, neighbors and other key people connected with the project

    •      Maintain close communication with the Project Manager, APM, PE

    •      Leads the Ryan Site Team and is accountable for team’s adherence to schedules and production and quality goals


    Risk Management

    •      Use experience and institutional knowledge to predict and solve major problems before they happen

    •      Pay close attention to all waterproofing details, humidity, colored concrete, epoxy floor coatings, glazing systems, hardwood floor, noise transmission, floor squeaking, HVAC effectiveness

    •      Help PM write letters as necessary when Owner wants to install non-industry- standard materials or designs



    •      Responsible for maintaining all OSHA safety standards and to manage safety inspections

    •      Conduct (or delegate) Tailgate Meetings and collect/send in signature pages

    •      Maintain up-to-date CPR and first aid training and carry wallet ID cards

    •      Designate Site Safety Coordinator to help identify safety concerns, help run tailgate meetings, install guardrails and cover holes, tie down ladders, and accompany independent Site Safety Inspectors.



    •      Manage the Labor Spread, manage hours spent on specific tasks, correctly code timecards, maintain “extras” lists for PM tracking and PCO generation

    •      Thorough knowledge of construction techniques required to derive the most efficient method of completing the task

    •      A conscientious attitude towards controlling job costs and adhering to progress schedules, setting subcontractor hours expectations, and maintaining punctuality and crew sizes on site

    Job Requirements

    ·         BS in Construction Management or combination of formal education and work experience

    ·         Education should include courses in carpentry, shop, mechanical drawing, safety, and mathematics

    ·         Seven years’ experience with construction materials and techniques estimating, including reading of blueprints and understanding of building codes

    ·         Five years’ experience minimum requirement as primary Superintendent on Multi-million-dollar Residential construction projects

    ·         Design overall Schedule in MS Project and maintain 3 week rolling schedule

    ·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills

    ·         Strong work ethic

    ·         Computer skills: Word, Excel, Outlook, MS Project. Familiar with working in a network environment.


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