Shop Tech at Plethora

San Francisco, CA posted on August 7

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Mark Martin Oakland, CA (94615)
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Plethora is a San Francisco-based manufacturer that takes customer designs and produces custom parts using robotics and advanced software that they’ve developed in-house. Their goal is to make manufacturing super-fast and accessible to everyone – letting small teams develop products as easily as the big manufacturers.

They are hiring a full-time Shop Tech, whose responsibilities include:

• Stock material preparation, tool handling, CNC milling machine operation, quality inspection, shipping/logistics

• Machine maintenance and basic calibration

• Manufacturing and safety protocols

• Basic process and machine malfunctions troubleshooting

• Continuously improving production efforts by working with mechanical and software engineers

They are looking for someone with:

• Math Skills 

• Mechanical Aptitude 

• Problem-Solving Instincts 

• Comfort with ComputersUnderstanding of CAD/CAM Technology is a plus! (not required)

Does this sound like an amazing way to spend your day, but you’re worried you might not have the right skill set? Plethora is willing to teach some or even many of these skills to the RIGHT person! Enthusiasm for Plethora’s vision and proactively helping to execute it is a must!

Plethora is located in the Dogpatch right off the K/T Muni line. They value their employees tremendously, offering generous health benefits, weekly in-office lunches, and an all-around great group of people to working with.