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Nancy Partida San Francisco, CA (94107)
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Under general direction of the Project Manager the Shop Supervisor will oversee the maintenance department at SFO Shuttle Bus and supervise a group of skilled mechanical workers engaged in the maintenance, repair, over haul and servicing of heavy duty transit type vehicles which may include diesel, gasoline, electric, hybrid and natural gas powered.

Essential Responsibilities:

• Oversees maintenance department that is responsible for servicing and repairing automotive, transit and heavy-duty vehicles.

• Directs a group of skilled mechanical, craft and service employees.

• Supervises the maintenance, repair, overhaul, and servicing of automotive, including electric, hybrid and natural gas powered and/or heavy duty diesel equipment, including engines, drive trains, fuel systems, electrical systems, electronic automotive circuits, digital display systems, cooling systems, brake systems (air and hydraulic), chassis, wheels, suspensions and other parts of vehicles;

• Projects and prepares preventative maintenance and/or repair schedules for vehicle fleet.

• Responds and makes prompt decisions on incoming emergency calls.

• Interacts and communicates with other divisions within the SFO Shuttle Bus Company, as well as other SFIA Maintenance Departments regarding maintenance, materials, facilities, and other issues that pertain to the maintenance of the fleet.

• Prepares cost estimates for maintenance and repair, coordinates vendor and purchasing activities for procurement of supplies, tools, equipment and services.

• Maintains accurate records of all maintenance work, personnel actions and other related issues utilizing computers, software or other means as provided by employer.

• Ensures all safety measures are operative and are being followed; facilitates and coordinates routine internal and external regulatory compliance practices as they relate to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), California Highway Patrol (CHP), Department of Transportation (DOT) and the SFO Shuttle Bus Company.

• Identifies trends in maintenance of diesel, CNG, transit and other fleet equipment and plans accordingly; includes adjusting schedules, ordering/recovering parts, materials and equipment, and projecting future work schedules.

• Establishes standards and enforces existing policies and procedures regarding quality of work, employee performance and maintenance schedule.

• Trains and directs subordinate personnel in proper policies and procedures regarding repair and maintenance of fleet equipment, safety procedures and other job-related issues.

• Plans, conducts and documents safety meetings; understands and trains workers on how to understand the hazardous communications law, toxics handling and disposal, and the material safety data sheet (MSDS).

• Utilizes and supervises the use of a variety of hand and power tools and machinery.

• Writes reports, memos, and other relevant documentation related to facility, personnel, equipment and maintenance.

• Maintains open communication with his or her immediate supervisors.

• Other related duties may be assigned.

Demonstrated Knowledge, Abilities & Skills:

• Knowledge of heavy duty transit type vehicles which may include diesel, gasoline, electric, hybrid and natural gas powered.
• Comprehension of maintenance practices, procedures and requirements.
• Ability to plan, monitor and review work assignments.
• Enforcement of safe work practices, conditions, hazardous laws and emergency response procedures.
• Follows all OSHA/EPA/DOT standards ensuring compliance with regulations by all personnel.

• Experience in air conditioning, electrical, suspension, brakes.

• Effectively manage schedules, deadlines and project completion.
• Reads, understands, interprets and uses shop manuals, CD-ROM based diagnostic applications, diagrams, and electrical schematics.

• Ability to communicate clearly and effectively verbally and written format.


• Three (3) years of experience managing or supervising the maintenance and repair of automotive, transit or heavy-duty vehicles.
• Must have a valid commercial license (Class A or B) with passenger endorsement and airbrake endorsement. 
• Must have a current DOT medical certificate.
• Must have an acceptable driving record that does not reflect any chargeable accidents and any reckless driving or DUI convictions.
• H-6 Driving Record must not show more than 1 point in the last 12 months or 2 points in the last 36 months.
• Must have own tools.
• Must be able to work a flexible schedule (including weekends and holidays).
• Must pass a background check.
• Must be legally able to work in the United States.