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    HIRING: Sales Manager in Manteca


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    CLP is currently hiring Sales Managers for positions opening in the in the Manteca, California area.


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    Job Description

    ·         Responsible for training and development of subordinate staff.

    ·         Conducts performance evaluations; recommends salary adjustments; schedules and approves overtime; takes disciplinary action, as necessary; addresses complaints and resolves issues.

    ·         Quality control on signed deals and sales tactics.

    ·         Recruiting, hiring and assembling a commercial sales team.

    ·         Assessing commercial buildings for feasibility.

    ·         Cold calling, community events and networking to generate leads.

    ·         Sourcing and closing leads.

    ·         Drive development skills of the sales team.

    ·         Manage the sales administration function, operational performance reporting, and streamline processes through Salesforce.

    ·         Advise senior management on maximizing business relationships and creating an environment where customer service can flourish.

    ·         Responsible for developing a business plan covering sales, revenue/expense controls, and establishes sales targets.

    ·         Responsible for developing the annual marketing plan, specifically advising on realistic forecasts for each product (based on historical data, market trends, competitive activity, promotional strategy, and sales efforts), realistic costs of operating the sales force; and sales promotion program plans.

    ·         Responsible for monitoring the performance of sales/marketing by establishing a system of reports and communications involving sales reports and cyclical sales meetings.

    ·         Working with lead generation, and customer relations, and the project management team to evaluate existing processes.

    ·         Success will be measured with specific objectives, including a minimum sales quota.


    Job Requirements

    ·         Bachelor’s Degree, or equivalent years of experience in Sales Management role.

    ·         Proficient in the use of computer based applications; including Excel, Word, Outlook and Salesforce.

    ·         Demonstrated ability in managing employees, drive sales metrics and grow revenue.

    ·         Professional appearance;

    ·         Strong customer service;

    ·         Must have a strong work ethic;

    ·         Have excellent organizational and time management skills;

    ·         Must have outstanding ability to manage, motivate teams

    ·         Occasional travel required.

    ·         Valid driver’s license and successful completion of background check

    ·         Knowledge of solar energy and/or solar industry experience


    Ideal Candidates

    ·         Committed to safety at all times

    ·         Reliable attendance


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