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Mark Martin Oakland, CA (94615)
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  • Responsible for safe operation of Jacobs Hall studios & equipment rooms, including general supervision and a safety trainings.
  • Provides technical mentorship, and design and fabrication advice to undergraduate and graduate students, for a range of projects. 30% Fabrication Facility Operation & Maintenance:
  • Responsible for equipment maintenance and operation, including any necessary repairs or upgrades.
  • Responsible for ordering and installing new equipment.
  • Orders parts and supplies and assists with maintenance of part and material inventories.
  • 10% Technical academic support: *On a limited basis, may provide technical academic support for courses held in Jacobs Hall. This may include tasks such as preparing materials kits, or performing in-class or optional tutorials.
  • 10% Other duties as assigned.
Required Qualifications
  • Ability to serve as a mentor to diverse student population, embodying both enthusiasm and professionalism.
  • Knowledge in how to relate to students (novice engineers and designers) and impart the best practices within the facilitative design and fabrication of complex class and extra-curricular projects.
  • Extensive knowledge of safe shop practices, and how to effectively instruct and enforce those safe practices.
  • Ability to work in a collaborative manner and to communicate very well with Faculty, Staff, and Students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Competency in the areas of traditional and digital fabrication, such as use of CAD/CAM software, CNC machine operation, 3D printer operation and maintenance, electronics fabrication and testing.
  • Competency in the areas of industrial and product design, including sketching, 3D modeling, and prototyping.
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Bachelors degree in related area preferred. Salary & Benefits For information on the comprehensive benefits package offered by the University visit: