Pipeline (Right of Way) Technician -Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, CA posted on April 3

The Pipeline Right-of-way (ROW) Technician is an individual contributor responsible for all ROW activities within a designated area.

General responsibilities include:
  • Damage Prevention
  • Emergency Response
  • Management System Processes
  • Physical ROW condition and Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections
  • Participation in Public Awareness activities
  • Execution of physical responses to One Call excavation tickets in accordance with the Shell Pipeline Inspection & Maintenance manual
  • Identification of external threats to pipeline integrity and provides recommendations for mitigation
Additionally the role requires the ability to communicate well at all levels in the organization, strong process discipline and the following duties (including but not limited to):
  • Completing permits and work documents as needed
  • Performing all work in a safe manner to achieve Goal Zero
  • Ensuring all physical conditions and ROW activities are within State, Federal and Shell regulations
  • Responsible for Damage Prevention Activities which includes but not limited to; monitoring and responding within the required timeframe to one-call tickets
  • Meeting with 3rd party contractors to mark lines prior to excavation and construction activities and perform standby to monitor the work when necessary
  • Responsible for completing PL-799 form to document communication with contractors excavating or performing work on Shell ROW or near Shell assets
  • Responsible for completing PL-746 form to document all exposed piping and communicating with other staff to update alignment drawings
  • Responding to ROW emergencies immediately and complete necessary documents
  • Responsible for maintaining and managing physical condition of ROW; which includes but not limited to evaluate vegetation status, maintaining ROW markers and signage, reporting obstruction and encroachments on ROW, identify and coordinate washout repairs.
  • Communicating with Air Patrol to respond to reports of encroachment or activity by 3rd parties on ROW.
  • Responsible for Public Awareness activities on ROW; including maintaining contact and relationships with Landowners and Emergency Responders, and attending community awareness events
  • Actively supporting and participating in the LEAN processes, audits, inspections, and other Pipeline Initiatives
  • Completing and staying compliant with all required Federal, State, and Local regulations and Operator Qualification, Measurement Policies & Procedures, and HSSE training and standards
  • Additional duties may vary based on product, location, and on/offshore activites