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Job Summary:


The Mine Geologist will assist the Ore Control Geologist and Chief Geologist in ore control determinations utilizing MineSight mining software which integrates blasthole survey and assay data. The position will assist in maintaining the integrity of the blasthole database (survey and assay), will perform pit mapping and blast hole cuttings mapping, and assist in the generation of interpretive geologic maps.


Reports to / Supervision: 


Direct Supervisor: 

Chief Geologist

Department Manager: 

Mine Manager

Reporting Relationship: 


Indirect Reporting Relationship:

Technical Services Superintendent


Primary Duties & Responsibilities:


1.     Utilizes MineSight mining software to make day-to-day ore control determinations.

2.    Assist in maintaining the integrity of the MS Torque blasthole database.   

3.    Perform mapping of blasthole cuttings for lithology and alteration.

4.    Perform highwall pit mapping.

5.    Generate interpretive geologic pit bench maps.

6.    Assist Ore Control Geologist is daily ore/waste determinations.

7.    Assist in ore control pin flagging, blasthole sampling and sample pick-up as needed.

8.    Assist in reconciliation of block model (Resource and Production) to actual mined production values by pit, phase and bench

9.     Provide support to the short-range planning Engineer in development of weekly plans.

10.  Assist Ore Control Geologist and Chief Geologist with projects as needed


Knowledge, Skill and Experience:


Education / Certification:

B.S. in Geology or related field

Minimum Experience:

0-3 years


·         Attention to detail and accuracy in reporting

·         Proficiency in Microsoft suite of programs





Financial Responsibility and Authority:






Internal and External Contacts:

·         Contact with MineSight technical support

·         Internal and external auditor(s)




Career Path:

This is a technical position that can lead to advancement into job roles with increasing responsibility that include Ore Control Geologist, Senior Mine Geologist, Chief Geologist and could reach upper level mine management positions.  A branch-off into exploration geology is an alternate career path.



Physical Job Description


Typical Working Conditions:

(Describe environment including exposure to heat, cold, fumes, chemicals, allergens, mold, etc.)


The worksite has frequent exposure to extreme temperatures, dust and high wind conditions and occasional flash flooding.  The mine site also has daily blasting schedule that can be felt and heard throughout the property.  There is a variety of desert wildlife around office buildings and throughout the mine property that may or may not be dangerous and /or poisonous or protected species.  A variety of desert plant life is also abundant in and around the mine site.    

Equipment Used:

(List all manual and automated equipment used in the course of performing essential functions.)


Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be required when venturing out into the production areas that includes hard hat, hearing protection, safety glasses, safety footwear and other PPE as determined to protect the individual. Light vehicle trucks and flatbed truck.

Essential Physical Tasks:

(List all physical tasks encountered in performing essential functions.)


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Walk/hike/stand on uneven terrain, kneel, stoop, sit while working for extended periods.