Marine Electrician (MEL-12007)

San Diego, CA posted on May 7

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Kelsey Morgan Jacksonville, FL (32225)
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Ameriforce is currently looking for Marine Electricians to work in San Diego, CA If you are a Marine Electrician contact Ameriforce Today!!! 
Job Overview :
Electricians will be required to have a minimum of five years of experience in the Marine industry.  They will have the knowledge to wire low voltage controls, motor starters, limit switching devices, etc.  They will have a complete knowledge of 110, 220, and 440 voltage systems and will be able to test and trouble-shoot these systems. 

Job Qualifications: 
·         Troubleshooting
·         Shipyard Experience with installation (experience working within 009 standards) 
·         Cableway Certification a PLUS
·         The above aside, they are looking for standard 4 wire electricians with banding experience
·         All employees will be required to do other tasks outside of the above work, such as firewatch, sweeping, driving, etc.  It is a requirement of the job that these employees agree to do whatever is asked of them.  If they only want to do electrical work, then they need not apply. 
·         Must pass a pre-employment drug test 
·         Must have a current resume 
·         Must be willing to travel
·         Must be willing to work 40-60 hours per week
·         Passport a plus
3rd Class encouraged to apply
History :
Ameri-Force was founded in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1991 with the goal of satisfying the increasing demand for industrial and marine craftsmen. Since then we have grown to the demand of a popular industry. We are happy to serve you and welcome you into the Ameri-Force family. 

Call 1-800-522-8998 

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