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The Machinist Apprenticeship organization in Petaluma is looking for someone that can teach CAD to apprentices. One night a week in the evenings.

Key Qualifications

3rd Year Machinist Apprentice CAD Teacher California Tooling and Machining Apprenticeship Assoc. Petaluma High School Campus Teacher credentials are preferable, but not required. We do require machinist experience. The CTMAA manages Calif. Div. of Apprenticeship Std's and U.S. Dept. Of Labor/Office of Apprenticeship certified 4-year Machinist Trades apprenticeships. The apprentices are working in a machine shop and are sponsored by their employer as they attend their Related and Supplemental Instruction we provide over the 4-years. This class can be taught by a team of teachers: one focusing on CAD and GD&T and the other on Metallurgy and Metrology. The CAD teacher is our primary need. A teacher with background in all the subject matter is preferable. Classes are on Thursday evenings from 6 to 10 PM in a modern CAD Lab from late August to May. We are about training the next generation Machinist, CNC Machinist, Mold Maker, Tool and Die Maker and Maintenance Machinist.

To discuss and/or apply for this position please contact, Dan Sunia, Apprentice Program Coordinator California Tooling and Machining Apprenticeship Assoc. Office/Fax: 707-996-2134 Website: