Machining and Maintenance Worker II

Oakland, CA posted on July 26

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Mark Martin Oakland, CA (94615)
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Machining and Maintenance Worker II (MM WorkerII) is a semi-skilled, sub-journey position which performs a wider variety of repair work in the operation and maintenance of pumps, valves, motors, and mechanical processes involved in water treatment systems. Assignments at this level involve corrective and preventive maintenance, as well as general repair and rebuilding of water treatment and distribution plant facilities including the use of a variety of stationary and portable machine tools. MM Worker II receives classroom training, on-thejob (OJT) training and experience in a variety of EBMUD treatment plants and facilities. Promotion to MM Worker III and eventually to the full journey level, Maintenance Machinist, is a requirement of employment. The most competitive candidates for this position will have: 

Strong Math and Mechanical skills 

Strong study habits and discipline to successfully advance up to journey level

Strong ability to work from drawings, designs and sketches

Strong ability to maintain records and reports as it pertains to work assignments

Good work ethics, ability to communicate effectively and work well with diverse individuals

Hiring Process:

All applicants who meet the job requirements will be invited to a two step testing process. The first step is a written test. The second step is a hands-on shop test. Candidates successful in the testing process will be placed on a hiring list.


A typical means of acquiring the essential knowledge, skills and abilities for this position is:

Completion of the twelfth grade, or its equivalent and twelve months of experience* equivalent to EBMUD’s MM Worker I** 

AND: Must advance to the MM Worker III within 18 months of appointment.

Ability to lift and carry tools and equipment weighing up to 110 pounds 

Ability to work outdoor in a variety of weather conditions 

Ability to climb ladders to get on top of reservoirs.

* Completion of an accredited community college or comparable certificate program in machine tool technology or closely related field, acceptable to EBMUD, may be substituted for the required 12 months of experience.

**EBMUD candidates (current EBMUD employees in the classification of MMWorker I) must have achieved satisfactory completion of the OJT, vocational school, and self study courses specified in the District's Maintenance Trades Training Program for Maintenance Machinists, and upon supervisory certification of proficiency.