Machine Service Tech 2 (Shop)

San Diego, CA posted on November 1


POSITION SUMMARY:  Technicians are responsible for diagnosing and repairing of heavy equipment (including removing, repairing, assembling and installing). Experience with CAT diagnostic equipment, CAT repair tooling, rigging and blocking equipment is preferred.

Technicians will diagnose and troubleshoot engines, powertrains, electrical and hydraulic systems. Work to be performed in the most efficient and capable manner to ensure flat rates are met with minimal to no rework. Position requires planning and organizing skills with a particular emphasis on controlling job costs.  



  1. Perform Caterpillar updates as directed by Caterpillar, Inc.
  2. Analyze all Caterpillar and allied product equipment systems and components for proper operation in arrangement application based on theory of design.
  3. Effectively communicate with the shop lead.
  4. Organize a job in a logical and economical sequence.
  5. Understanding of parts needed to complete the job.
  6. Ordering of parts through DBS (Dealer Business System).
  7. Conduct customer training in proper use of Caterpillar equipment.
  8. Ability to perform assigned work within the communicated time allowed.
  9. Adheres to all company policies
  10. Follow contamination control and OSHA/MSHA rules and regulations.
  11. Performs the position with pride in professionalism while following Hawthornes code of conduct.
  12. Guides/mentors/trains technicians with less expertise in the repairs of Caterpillar machines and systems.
  13. Performs other duties as directed by lead or service operations manager.


  1. General knowledge of basic hand tools, air tools, precision measuring tools and instruments, laptops, diagnostic software and cranes and rigging equipment.
  2. This position requires the ability to provide accurate information to lead/supervisor for quoting.
  3. Adapts to changes in the work environment; Manages competing demands; Changes approach or method to best fit the situation; Able to deal with frequent change, delays, or unexpected events.
  4. Will be certified prior to operating a forklift and a crane qualification test performed.
  5. Proven ability to work safely with a crane.
  6. Ability to work unsupervised efficiently, and be part of a team environment.
  7. Performs the position with pride in professionalism while following Hawthornes code of conduct.
  8. High school diploma or equivalent
  9. Prefer to have one of the following
    1. Five (5) years of experience in the repair of Caterpillar products.
    2. Successful completion of Level One Technician program
  10. Possess basic computer knowledge and ability to use service software required in position.   
  11. Must be able to successfully obtain security clearance.
  12. Must have valid Driver’s License with a good record.
    1. Shop Requirements: Valid California Class “C” driver’s license.
    2. Field Requirements: Valid California Class “B” driver’s license, if assigned vehicle is required.
  13. Furnish all hand tools required to repair, test and diagnose hydraulic, air, power train, electrical and electronic systems on Caterpillar equipment.
    1. NOTE: Some high dollar value tooling is supplied by Hawthorne.
  14. Contributes to building a positive team spirit; Puts success of team above own interests; Able to build morale and group commitments to goals and objectives; Supports everyone's efforts to succeed.


TESTING REQUIREMENTS:  Applicants may be required to pass a written and/or oral examination before being considered for employment in this position. 




  1. Walking and moving about, possibly through uneven terrain.
  2. Hands/arms operating equipment, hand and power tools.
  3. Lifting: Up to 50 lbs. daily, frequent exertion. Raises or lowers miscellaneous equipment parts and tools.
  4. Handling: Works with hands.
  5. Reaching: Extends hands and arms in any direction.
  6. Standing: Remains in standing position if required for certain repair or maintenance work.
  7. Climbing: In and out of equipment.
  8. Vision: Read work tickets, parts and service books and operate heavy equipment.
  9. Talking: Communications by radio, phone, in writing, and in person.
  10. Sitting: Sits in equipment and in vehicles.
  11. Stooping: Bends body downward and forward by bending at knees or waist.
  12. Hearing: Hears well enough to discern mechanical problems for safety in and around shop and construction sites and to receive communication by radio, phone and in person.   
  13. Laying: Lies in prone position under vehicles and equipment.


PHYSICAL STRENGTH:  Lifting: Up to 50 lbs. daily, frequent exertion.  Repetitive from # 3 above



  1. Noise: Works in conditions with constant or intermittent noise.
  2. Temperatures/Weather: Works in the shop and outside with variations of temperature and weather.
  3. Exposure: Foul odors, fumes and harsh substances.


ACCOMMODATIONS:   Reasonable accommodations for essential functions of the position will be considered.


Hawthorne Cat® is an Equal Employment Opportunity/M/F/disability/protected veteran status.

Hawthorne Cat® Participates in E-Verify.