Laboratory Technician - Martinez, CA

Martinez, CA posted on May 6

Laboratory technicians will perform various tests on various refinery samples (both water and hydrocarbon) for product certification, regulation compliance, and process unit monitoring.  Job duties include:

  • Proper and timely execution of product certification and compliance testing.
  • Responsible for understanding release specifications and routine sample properties.
  • Reports sample, equipment, and data irregularities.
  • Understand basic properties of products and process streams.
  • Communicates unusual test results or sample properties.
  • Understands application of data system procedures (e.g. sample login, test editing, sample processing).
  • Responsible for executing methods and insuring data integrity.
  • Takes lead role in timely method execution, data entry, data reporting, exception response, and daily SQC on instruments and methods.
  • Also responsible for basic frontline maintenance and routine calibrations.
  • May participate in quantitative assessments of workloads, laboratory efficiency, and safety/ergonomic issues.
Technicians work a four day, 10 hour rotating shift schedule from 7:00 am - 5:30 pm (including holidays and weekends).  Occasional  overtime and off-hour call-outs are expected, and required.