Plumber Internships for Veterans

Stockton, CA posted on February 19

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Mark Martin Oakland, CA (94615)
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Company: East Bay Municipal Utility District (“EBMUD”)  Location: Alameda and Contra Costa Counties  Position: Plumber Intern  Number of Openings: Up to 5 (five)  Dates: February 2015*– May 2015, excluding Spring Recess (March 30th - April 5th)  Schedule: 12 week program - minimum of 27 hours/week  Stipend: Up to a total of a $8,400 stipend split between three (3) payments of +/- $2800 based on enrollment and successful completion of Laney College’s Cooperative Work Education (“CWE”) course. No salary or benefits.  Application: Applications are due by Friday, January 16, 2015  Contact/ Send your cover letter, résumé, and copy of most recent transcripts electronically to  Process: Patricia Fisher, Job Developer, at   Internship Description  Learn what it’s like to be a Plumber at EBMUD. During this 12-week internship at EBMUD, you will have the opportunity to observe and assist EBMUD plumbers in the installation and minor repairs to hydrants, valves, meters, pressure regulators, and related equipment. Interns will also learn the identification, proper and safe use of hand and power tools, materials, supplies, and equipment common to pipeline work. Specifically, you will be assigned to job shadow EBMUD Plumber work crews while they install, repair and maintain underground water distribution pipeline systems.  Internship Requirements  To be selected for this internship opportunity, the Plumber Interns MUST: 

 Be a Protected Veteran or Veteran; 

 Possess a DD214 Member 4, a Social Security card, and a valid state ID 

 Enroll in the applicable Laney College CWE course. Either:  o Occupational Work Experience in Machine Technology Course # 466L (4 units), or  o General Work Experience Course # 450 (3 units) 

 Attend the CWE Program orientation; complete the CWE Employment Form; and register in additional skilled trades-related classes (total minimum of 7 units including the CWE course) 

 Possess the physical characteristics to learn and perform tasks including lifting and carrying tools and equipment weighing up to 90 lbs. 

 Be willing to work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions 

 Be able to report to various jobsites in locations throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties 

 Possess strong aptitudes in Math (12th grade-level Arithmetic and Algebra); Reading Comprehension (12th grade-level reading); and Mechanical Spatial Agree to meet regularly with and utilize the Veteran support services provided by Swords-to-Plowshares 

 Do independent study and prepare for EBMUD plumber exam 


$4,426 - $6,281 Monthly / $65,112 - $75,372 Annually