We're looking for people with experience in the trades -- construction, masonry, machinists, plumbing, electricians, landscaping, auto mechanics, steel and iron workers, manufacturing, welders, machinists, truck drivers, etc. -- who want to help us build something great for workers in this country on the web.

We're a few guys who grew up around the trades but work in tech, ourselves. We're looking for anyone who's interested in helping us out part-time to spread the word, test the product, and create content for the site.

Here's what we're looking for:

* You have years of experience in your trade 
* You're interested in generating content about the work you do, whether that's writing for our blog, doing a video, or posting pictures of your work
* You're passionate about your industry and can be an industry expert for your area, helping highlight where the jobs area, what they pay, etc.
* You'll periodically give feedback on our site, potential features, and more

Interested?  Want to work with us?