General Service Manager

San Diego, CA posted on October 19


POSITION SUMMARY:     The General Service Manager (GSM) shall be responsible for the overall service operations management. The GSM shall manage with each reporting Service Manager, Sales/Product Support Managers and other HPS operating partners on establishing, meeting and exceeding standards of excellence in operational efficiencies, exceptional customer service and fiscal accountability. 



  1. Employee development – recruiting, training, career planning and performance evaluations potential and current employees to address ongoing and future performance requirements. Ensuring employees are placed in the appropriate roles and provided the tools and competencies where they can succeed and exceed internal and external operational and customer requirements.
  2. Service efficiencies -- Tracking, educating and developing Technicians on productivity priorities, exceeding safety requirements, supporting work in progress (WIP) requirements, quality and service completion rate.
  3. Partner with other departments – sales, used sales, parts, product support sales, and rental operations to maximize overall productivity and operational success.
  4. Timely respond and complete all administrative activities – work order analysis, service reports claim processing and employee development and performance evaluations.
  5. Financial -- develop and manage the strategic plans and financial reporting system to support the individual service departments. Utilize financial reports (P&L Balance Sheets) to spot trends and take the appropriate proactive measures to keep the service business on track and positioned to exceed expectations.
  6. Service quality -- Ensure the highest standards for technical and quality excellence is maintained and proper technical evaluation and risk analysis is applied to all activities.
  7. Customer relations – with the constant and continuous goal of ensuring excellence and anticipating and implementing methods to exceed customer expectations.
  8. Compliance with company and Caterpillar policies and procedures.
  9. Submit timely reports that will have positive impact on product reliability, budget management, customer expectations and operational requirements.
  10. Successfully manage all very important profit centers. Maintain awareness of how actions impact the bottom line and take steps to exceed expectations.
  11. Research new product offerings and/or opportunities that will enhance our ability to support the customer.
  12. Conduct any other duty deemed necessary by the Regional Product Support Manager.


  1. Must have minimum of ten years service department experience.
  2. Must have ability to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing.
  3. Must have excellent customer service skills.
  4. At least 5 years supervisory experience.
  5. Must have excellent interpersonal skills.
  6. Must be organized and a good planner.
  7. Must have positive attitude and be a self starter
  8. Must have the ability to set and meet goals.
  9. Must possess a high energy charismatic leadership style.
  10. Must have the ability to recruit and develop all employees and service managers, in particular.
  11. Must maintain a high standard of ethics and integrity.
  12. Must possess a “team leadership style”. Team approach to sharing ideas and to mentoring subordinates, one who leads by example and demonstrates appreciation of team inputs and accomplishments.


TESTING REQUIREMENTS:  Applicants may be required to pass a written and/or oral examination before being considered for employment in this position.



  1. Walking and moving about on foot, often up and down stairs.
  2. Handing: Seizes, helps or works with hands.
  3. Lifting: Raises or lowers miscellaneous paperwork.
  4. Reaching: Extends hands and arms in any direction.
  5. Stooping: Bends body downward and forward by bending at knees or waist.
  6. Standing: Remains in standing position if required to perform various functions of the job.
  7. Vision: Read computer and paperwork.
  8. Talking: Communications by phone and in person.
  9. Sitting: Sits at desk. Sits for long periods of time.
  10. Climbing: Climb on and off earthmoving machines/engines.
  11. Travel: Frequent (monthly) day trips to assigned branches, with occasional overnights for company meetings, Caterpillar training, etc.



  1. Noise: Works in conditions with constant or intermittent noise.
  2. Temp/Weather: Works in an office environment, with occasional shop requirements.


ACCOMMODATIONS:  Reasonable accommodations for essential functions of the position will be considered.


Hawthorne Cat® is an Equal Employment Opportunity/M/F/disability/protected veteran status.

Hawthorne Cat® Participates in E-Verify.