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Mark Martin Oakland, CA (94615)
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45 year-old manufacturing company in North Oakland is looking for a full-time, entry-level, fabrication / production worker. Must be motivated and willing to learn specialized fabrication techniques of our unique material.


  • US Citizen
  • High School GED or equivalent
  • Be able to pass and maintain a DOD or DOE security clearanc
Preferred, but not required:

  • Industrial training and experience
  • Valid California driver’s license
Must be able to:

  • Fluency in the English language (Verbal and Written) & ability to follow directions and communicate
  • Use an assortment of hand, power tools & industrial tools
  • Physical exertion required including, but not limited to, stooping, bending and lifting up to 60 pounds
  • Stand for an 8 hour work day
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Efficient and disciplined with time
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Focused with attention to detail
Required duties will involve: 
  •  Working with chemicals & solventsWorking in a wet environment
  • Working in a loud environment
  • Use production band saws
  • Performing preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Operating industrial systems such as pneumatic controls, vacuum, pressurized gas water systems and hydraulics
  • Maintain operating and quality-assurances records such as daily logbooks
  • Familiar with high precision tolerances (+/- 5 microns)