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Oakland, CA posted on September 30

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Mark Martin Oakland, CA (94615)
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We are waiting for a full budget to be allocated, but we have funds in the mean time that will support this position until the end of the calendar year, at which time we anticipate additional budget monies to become available.  Our primary interest is to find someone who enjoys this type of work and will be willing to commit to a weekly engagement, at least until the end of the calendar year.  Whomever takes over this role will gain additional access to the FabLab and all of the equipment and will receive a key (once a common trust is established).  The equipment includes a laser cutter, (3) 3D printers, 4X8 CNC table router, small vinyl cutter, Carvewright CNC machine and a wide variety of hand and power tools.We would like someone who has engineering/designing/building skills that has the ability to work with High School students.  Since this is an after school engagement, students self elect to participate, so we do not anticipate much (if any) discipline issues.  The role is to provide support to the students to help them complete their projects, this can be design, fabrication, ideation, technical support, encouragement and whatever is necessary to bring their projects to fruition.  It is not necessary for the individual to have direct experience with the higher tech tools, though a knowledge of computers and design software is a must, I can provide training on the tools.