Environmental Health and Safety Manager

Palo Alto, CA posted on June 10


    Palo Alto, CA

    Reports To: Administrative Director, General Services



    The Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Manager is responsible for the planning, administration and management of safety, health and life safety programs throughout the hospital and all off-site facilities to ensure compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws, regulations and standards as well as applicable standards set forth by The Joint Commission. The major functions of this position are: managing the team responsible for ensuring specific, daily compliance with regulations, performing regular performance assessments, managing regulatory compliance audits, ensure effective recordkeeping, coordinate leadership reporting, and act in the role of Hospital Safety Officer.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    ·        Directs overall EH&S Department planning, direction and management of staff and services to include, workplace inspections, educational programs, environmental hazards and compliance issues and problem solving in response to various inquiries, complaints and emergencies as wells as develops and executes departmental budget

    ·        As the hospital Safety Officer develop hospital-wide safety policies and programs to comply with local, state and federal regulations, analyze risks, address incidents, and develop mitigation strategies including those for Life Safety.

    ·        Responsible for negotiation of compliance issues with regulatory agencies as necessary and track any response to citations/violations should they occur

    ·        Conducts TJC EOC/Life Safety regulatory compliance program. Lead role during survey activity audits, lead hospital interface for The Joint Commission (TJC) Environment of Care (EOC) for interviews, review of records, corrective actions, & Performance Improvement Opportunities. Coordinate continual preparation for all TJC EOC regulatory compliance activities for all sites.

    ·        As EOC Safety Committee Chair, leads generation of EOC quarterly reports, annual evaluations, and management plans.  Conducts TJC EOC Periodic Performance Reviews.  Coordinates EOC meeting agenda minutes and logistics; monthly. Maintains EOC documentation and records.  Coordinates EOC Safety Manual Policies and Procedures.

    ·        Manages the Hazardous & Medical Waste, Waste Water & Strom Drain program, and Bay Area Air Quality Management Districts including applicable policy, program, and regulatory/compliance audits.

    ·        Manages Life/ Fire Safety Program including emergency evacuation program, equipment, regulatory/ compliance audits and training.

    ·        Manages all aspects of Laser Safety program (as assigned)

    ·        Oversees EH&S personnel management to include hire/fire, employee engagement, and resource allocation



    Bachelor’s degree in work-related discipline/field from an accredited college or university.


    Five years of progressively responsible and directly related work experience including one (one) year in the specialty area to which assigned.  


    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    ·        Knowledge of Federal, State, Local Agency Standards, OSHA, Toxic Waste Disposal Requirements and Environmental Health & Safety Standards

    ·        Knowledge of Safety Plan development and General EH&S theory and practice

    ·        Knowledge of 7 functional areas of Joint Commission Environment of Care, Emergency Management, Utilities Management, Medical Equipment Management, NFPA, EPA and Security Management

    ·        Knowledge of principles and practices of organization, administration, fiscal and personnel management

    ·        Ability to effectively collaboration with other depts.

    ·        Ability to write effective policy and procedures

    ·        Ability to problem solve and facilitate root cause analysis in an effective manner

    ·        Ability to develop organized and concise reports

    ·        Ability to organize compliance records and files

    ·        Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with managers, peers and subordinates

    ·        Skill in interviewing, auditing, and risk assessment

    ·        Skill in review/ edit policies for approval

    ·        Skill in identifying/mitigating hazards and risks

    ·        Skill in identifying opportunities for improvement

    ·        Skill in build effective management programs to address needs


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