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We are seeking a motivated an Electronics Tech to work in a well-established small electronics manufacturing business located in the Berkeley/Emeryville area. You will be part of a team that manufacturers small industrial electronic devices. We have been in business for over 50years, and most of our employees have been here for over 20 years.

You will be responsible for troubleshooting and repair of electronic devices that are returned from customers, coordinating with customers using RMA tracking system and processing related paperwork. The devices use legacy technology consisting of a microprocessor main board and accessory boards using mostly through-hole components. The position has a good deal of independence as long as goals are met and there’s good communication and coordination with other staff.

Technical Skills:

  1. Troubleshoot and repair electronic devices. Some repair to board level is required. This is not a ‘board-swapping’ position.
  2. Perform some repair to the boards- replace components, rewire connectors.
  3. Ability to read schematics and work with limited documentation.
  4. Coordinate with other staff to perform and expedite repairs.
  5. Proficient with hand tools, power tools, soldering irons, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, and simple logic analyzers.
  6. Troubleshoot simple microprocessor-based control systems.
  7. Perform basic calibrations and adjustments.
  8. Notice trends in failures and problems areas that need design review.
  9. Burn EPROMS and firmware.
  10. Proficient at soldering through-hole components on PCBs.
  11. Perform minor repairs and assembly with basic hand tools, power tools, soldering irons, and voltmeters. 


  1. Basic computer skills: entering data into spreadsheets, corresponding via email, Editing and creating simple Word docs.
  2. Communicate with other employees as related to the position.
  3. Document and track production and testing data.
  4. Enter data into RMA and ticket tracking system.
  5. Ability to clearly communicate and comprehend verbal and written English.
  6. Communications with customers and staff via ticket tracking system or phone regarding repair status.
  7. Ability to work with limited supervision and switch and prioritize tasks.
  8. Keep management informed of status and potential problem areas. 


  1. Two-year technical diploma or equivalent
  2. Three to ten years’ experience in a related electronics position
  3. Experience with ticketing or RMA tracking systems 

Pluses include experience or familiarity with:

  1. Basic PLC terminology or operation 
  2. Industrial monitoring, electrical systems, and terminology
  3. General industrial or remote site conditions and environments
  4. Industrial protocols (ModBus, Ethernet IP) 
  5. Serial communications (RS232/485)
  6. Cellular radio systems
  7. Simple database access using SQL