District Manager-Senior Living Community Salons

Campbell, CA posted on November 28

PS Salon & Spa is seeking an experienced Licensed Cosmetologist – District Manager to help us enrich the lives of seniors through elevating their self-image. All candidates must be an experienced, care-giving, organized, and reliable hair stylist with references to provide beauty services to residents, family members and employees at our Upscale Senior Communities.

PS Salon & Spa is the leading national provider in senior salon and spa services, currently located in over 800 communities across 36 states.

As a salon partner with John Paul Mitchell Systems, we are bringing many of the celebrated product lines into our salons nationwide. As part of our team, you will also receive supplemental product, service and best practice training from Paul Mitchell’s national team of educators and product professionals! 

All salons offer premium senior pricing and a built-in clientele right outside the doors of the salon. No nights and minimum or no weekend hours required!

Job Description


The PS District Manager role is the premiere leadership role in the beauty industry and is essential to the success of our business; with special emphases on comp sales, talent retention, resident experience, and loss prevention, the District Manager develops their teams, ensures the resident/clients have an outstanding experience, and works with community leaders to ensure a win/win relationship. Within PS Lifestyles broadly defined parameters, District Managers have the autonomy, authority, and responsibility to inspire outstanding business results through others as the leaders of their district's performance development strategy.


  • Attract, develop, and retain top talent by creating a positive, supportive, results-based work environment.
  • Directly influence the talent development and business results of several field teams
  • Ensure that successful on-boarding and development occurs throughout the district
  • Communicate the potential that others have to grow with PS Lifestyle, including career path information.
  • Encourage outstanding business results by focusing on specific behaviors and outcomes.
  • Personally, model the professional conduct and dress code expected of all PS Salon and Spa leaders
  • Respond favorably and quickly to all business opportunities identified through sales reports, profit and loss statements, turnover reports and exit interview data, salon visit reports, audits, compliance reporting
  • Empower salon teams to act quickly and creatively to resolve resident issues, and respond effectively to resident issues elevated to the multi-unit or corporate level within one day
  • Collaborate with the Regional Manager to respond favorably to all Inventory asset protection measures and salon safety opportunities
  • Monitor salons’ appearance and ensure all company standards are maintained
  • Proper inventory ordering for existing and new salons
  • Ability to open new salons which includes-staffing, set up, inventory, scheduling and creating relationships within the community
  • Hosting community events on a quarterly/as needed basis
  • Discuss all company relevant information and promotions with each Beauty Professional to ensure accurate and timely execution


  • Planning and Organizing - Establishing course of action for self and others to ensure that work is completed efficiently.
    • Prioritizes – Identifies more critical and less critical activities and assignments; adjusts priorities when appropriate.
    • Determines tasks and resources – Determines project/assignment requirements by breaking them down into tasks and identifying types of equipment, materials, and people needed.
    • Schedules – Allocates appropriate amounts of time for completing own and others’ work; avoids scheduling conflicts; develops timelines and milestones.
    • Leverages resources – Takes advantage of available resources (individuals, processes, departments, and tools) to complete work efficiently; coordinates with internal and external partners.
    • Stays focused – Uses time effectively and prevents irrelevant issues or distractions from interfering with work completion.
  • Gaining Commitment - Using appropriate interpersonal styles and techniques to gain acceptance of ideas or plans; modifying one’s own behavior to accommodate tasks, situations, and individuals involved.
    • Opens discussions effectively. Describes expectations, goals, requests, or future states in a way that provides clarity and excites interest.
    • Clarifies the current situation. Seeks, gives, and summarizes information; ensures that the situation/issue at hand is understood.
    •  Develops others’ and own ideas. Presents own ideas; seeks and develops suggestions of others; makes procedural suggestions.
    •  Facilitates agreement. Uses appropriate influence strategies (such as demonstrating benefits or giving rewards) to gain agreement; persists by using different approaches as needed to gain commitment.
    •  Closes discussions with clear summaries. Summarizes outcomes of discussions and establishes next steps (if needed).
    •  Establishes good interpersonal relationships. In words and actions, makes people feel valued, appreciated, and included (enhances self-esteem, empathizes, involves, discloses, supports).
  • Adaptability - Maintaining effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; adjusting effectively to work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures.
    •  Tries to understand changes. Tries to understand changes in tasks, situations, and environment as well as the logic or basis for change; seeks information about changes.
    • Approaches change or newness positively. Treats change and new situations as opportunities for learning or growth; focuses on the beneficial aspects of change; speaks positively about the change to others.
    • Adjusts behaviors. Quickly modifies behavior to deal effectively with changes in the work environment; readily tries new approaches appropriate for new or changed situations; does not persist with ineffective behaviors.
  • Technical/Professional Knowledge and Skills - Having achieved a satisfactory level of technical and professional skill or knowledge in position-related areas; keeping up with current developments and trends in areas of expertise.
    • Marketing knowledge. Understands and uses effective marketing techniques to support the region’s and the individual’s objectives and maximize the return on its marketing dollars.
    •  Financial management knowledge. Understands basic finance (e.g., financial analysis, accounting, budgeting) and can use financial data to accurately diagnose business conditions, identify key issues, and develop strategies and plans.
    •  Industry knowledge. Understands the industry and the factors that can affect regional and corporate goals; uses industry knowledge in planning and decision making.
    • Keeps up to date. Stays abreast of current developments and trends in all relevant technical and professional areas.
    • The ability to drive retail product sales through coaching and knowledge using a solution based approach to meet our customers needs.


  • 3 years of successful, related experience as a multi-unit leader required
  • Being a certified and licensed Cosmetology and/or Beauty Professional is required.
  • Proven ability to work productively with others, welcome and adapt well to change, communicate thoughts and feelings effectively, and receive and respond to feedback from others maturely


  • Strong understanding of what is needed to motivate and retain top talent
  • Proven ability to achieve outstanding business results through others, from a distance
  • Proven commitment to self-directed learning, peer mentoring, and use of all PS Lifestyle development resources
  • Ability to travel unaccompanied and unassisted if necessary, including overnight stays
  • Strong resident service skills, including clear verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills, with ability to handle multiple, detailed projects
  • Proficient use of electronic business tools: laptop computers, computer applications, in-store systems, and communications devices
  • Ability to move unassisted throughout communities for extended periods (up to 12 hours per day)
  • Ability to lift and/or move objects and displays (up to 50 lbs.), bend, stoop, reach with arms and hands, and climb on ladders