Diesel Technology/Agriculture Engineering Professor

San Diego, CA posted on October 3

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Under the general supervision of the Division Dean of Applied Science, Business & Technology, the Associate Professor/Professor of Diesel Technology and Agricultural Engineering teaches organized classes primarily in the Diesel Technology and Agricultural Engineering discipline(s); the primary responsibility is to teach 15 units (per term) in the assigned discipline.

Responsibilities and Duties
Duties and responsibilities may include, but not limited to the following:
• Instruct courses in Diesel Technology listed in the Delta College catalog in accordance with credit course outlines approved by the Board of Trustees.
• Maintain expertise in current teaching methods, discipline knowledge, and discipline specific technologies.
• Assist students in achieving stated course objectives. Evaluate the progress of each student and notify students in need of counseling services and/or tutorial assistance. Track student learning outcomes and maintain records of student learning outcomes.
• Participate in the departmental process of curriculum review, modification, and the assessment of student learning outcomes in order to make the program successful.
• Support the Division Dean in cooperating with campus and community groups to provide programs, courses, and information relevant to the needs of the students and various programs.
• Coordinate with other faculty in the selection of textbooks, audiovisual and other instructional materials.
• Complete various reporting procedures as required for student evaluation, course reporting, equipment and supply purchases and tracking, and budget development.
• Assist the Division Dean in the preparation of required reports by providing requested information.
• Participate in community and regional events that promote the growth and depth of program. Assist in the marketing and promotion of the Diesel, Agricultural Engineering, and Heavy Equipment programs by participating in special college sponsored events and visiting local businesses and schools.
• Attend various departmental, divisional and campus-wide activities and events as required.
• Stay current with changes occurring in discipline/s. Participate in innovative and up-to-date curriculum development. Participate in interdisciplinary discussions directed at improving student learning and evaluating core competencies curriculum
• Plan and complete approved professional development flex activities each semester.
• Perform other necessary duties as assigned by the Division Dean and as outlined in Board Policy.
• Demonstrate and teach principles of safety. Provide a safe environment for students and be responsible for the security of assigned equipment, materials, and classrooms.
• Maintain an active advisory committee as required for program review and grant opportunities.

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• Any bachelor's degree and two years of professional experience, or any associate degree and six years of professional experience.
• Demonstrated teaching experience.
• Sensitivity to and demonstrated success teaching in a diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic environment such as a community college campus.
• Experience in teaching postsecondary courses in diesel, agricultural engineering, or heavy equipment, especially at the community college level.
• Demonstrated expertise in diesel, agricultural engineering, or heavy equipment-related training. Demonstrated occupational employment in diesel, agricultural engineering, or heavy equipment.
• Demonstrated experience working with and/or teaching courses/workshops related to alternative fuels, electric-diesel hybrid or pure electric drives.
• Demonstrated ability to adapt teaching strategies and techniques to different levels of students' ability and learning styles.
• Demonstrated ability to adapt teaching strategies and techniques to students from different cultures and ethnic groups.
• Demonstrated ability to use innovative and creative teaching techniques and equipment, including the use of multimedia hardware and software and on-line instructional techniques.
• Demonstrated leadership in developing curriculum for discipline specific courses and/or programs.
• Demonstrated leadership, ability, and desire to stay current in the field.
• Demonstrated leadership and ability to work with business and industry in order to coordinate the educational program with the needs of the community.
• Interest in or knowledge of teaching online and other distance education courses.
• Professional certification in diesel, agricultural engineering, or heavy equipment.
• Expertise in the use of computers for teaching and management of online course information
• Ability to teach in a technologically rich environment.
• Interest in or knowledge of teaching courses in a large lecture setting.

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