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Dan OBrien Fullerton, CA (92832)
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Job Summary: Operates computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines such as: milling machines, 3-axis, 5-axis, lathes, turning centers and horizontal mills used for the construction of aircraft interior structural and non structural parts. Aircraft interior parts are cut based on engineering drawings and include floor fittings, aluminum trims, counter tops and other various aluminum, fiber glass, stainless steel and phenolic parts

Summary of duties:

  • Adheres to company and customer specifications, work instructions, engineering prints and work orders.
  • Documents the materials and processes used in the process to maintain traceability of product.
  • Loads programs into CNC machine and executes program cutting of the material.
  • Cuts raw stock according to the necessary size for the part being machined.
  • Secures and fixtures raw stock of material into machine, squares material prior to running program if necessary, and monitors the operating of the machine to ensure proper program performance.
  • Deburs completed machine parts as time allows.
  • Provides feedback to supervisor and programmer as to the performance of the program and tooling used for cutting the material.
  • Verifies the accuracy of the parts using calipers, micrometers and other metrology equipment as a periphery inspection.
  • Ensures machine and area around machine is kept as clean as practical.
  • Operates CNC machine in a safe manner.
  • Properly maintains coolant, including removal of containments, proper dilution ratio and cleaning.
Zodiac Aerospace is an Equal Opportunity Employer; we encourage Minorities, Females, Disabled and Veterans to apply. Posting Date: 05/14/2015