Catalyst Process Operator - Martinez, CA

Martinez, CA posted on May 12

The Production Operator for the CRI Catalyst company in Martinez works as part of a team manufacturing catalyst.  The Chemical Plant operates 24/7 on a rotating shift schedule.

Position Accountabilities:
  • Be trained and qualified in the functions of an operator classification and operate these functions as assigned.
  • Perform in-process analytical testing, analyze in-process test results and apply appropriate corrective actions.
  • Perform minor routine and preventative maintenance.
  • Complete all required records and provide detailed summaries in shift reports and operator handoffs of mechanical problems, repairs, quality and safety issues and process changes.
  • Maintain all assigned areas to housekeeping standards and conduct work safely in the manner described in procedures and JHAs.
  • Work directly with maintenance to create operating permits, lock-our operating equipment and monitor work areas.
  • Receive training to be certified in operation of powered industrial vehicles and use in routine tasks.
  • Receive and utilize training in the operation of computer software and tools required to manage daily work tasks.