Automotive Technician Training Opportunities

Sacramento, CA posted on October 2

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Rick Greenspan
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  • Enhance your automotive training working alongside the BAR Reference
  • Gain invaluable hands-on experience performing emissions inspections
  • Learn and train on "live" vehicles in a "real world" environment
  • Comprehensive 300 hour and condensed 40 hour program available
  • Earn compensation performing on-the-job training (100 level programs only)
General Description:

The foundation for California Community Colleges Smog Check Reference program supports the training of hundreds of future smog technicians through the Student Technicians Training Program (STTP), The STTP is a comprehensive 300 hour training program which employs extensive hands-on exercises designed to and in the preparation of automotive students to become high performing smog technicians.

Training Objectives:

The STTP reinforces the core skills needed to become a successful smog technician. Additionally the STTP gives each student training in the areas of safety, communication, and administration. This additional training helps to ensure students learn the essential skills necessary in order to a become a competent, high performing professional technician in today's automotive test and repair industry.

Student Requirements:

Students must maintain minimum GPA of 2.0 during the training and carry a minimum of 6 semester units (or equivalent). Courses must be in Automotive Technology or required courses for a degree or certificate in Automotive Technology. A valid CA Drivers License is required. Driving and acceptable driving record are required.

Who should apply?

Automotive students desiring to be successful in their future, committed to learning and becoming a professional smog technician.