Assistant Superintendent

Woodland Hills, CA posted on June 16

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William Elarton-Selig Los Angeles, CA (90013)
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This position description includes expectations and responsibilities not only the area of Business of theProfession, this position also has responsibilities in Business of the Business and Business Development. The following expectations and responsibilities exist:

1. Support Project Superintendents and Project Managers with all of the site management, maintenance, and safety needs throughout the pre-development, development and post completion project phases.

2. Assist with scheduling, supervising, and directing job site work. Take necessary action to assure that the scope of work, job costs, schedule, project objectives, cleanliness, safety, signage, security, quality assurance and management procedures are met.

3.Communication, correspondence and coordination of the daily operation of subcontractors, materials, tools, equipment, and meetings in the field.

4. Maintain and track daily paperwork such as daily logs, schedule updates, safety items to address, quality, timecards, punch lists, and email correspondence with the various people involved in the project.

5. Maintain good rapport and communication with subcontractors, clients, suppliers, consultants, city officials, property neighbors, and entire company team.

6. Work together with subcontractor trades – require them to uphold their site maintenance responsibilities, schedule, and that they work collaboratively to help the whole team.

7. Work and meet with city, county, project partners, clients, and consultants for proper finalizations, changes, deliveries, inspections and sign offs.

8. Support, track, and follow up with the coordination and purchases for job site set up through closure for utilities, trailer, fencing, postings, supplies, safety, security, and debris as deemed necessary with the Project Coordinator.

9. Notify and follow up with Superintendents and Project Managers when changes or new purchases are requested in the field.

10. Provide various services required by Project Superintendents to facilitate the continuous progress of work at the site. Services may include: cleaning, protection of materials, on-site material management, weatherization, punch list items, customer service, safety, security, maintenance, etc.

11. Carry out any other assigned tasks and implement changes given by the Superintendents and or Project Managers.


1. Understanding of the company financial and process improvement objectives.

2. Understanding of project management principles and construction best practices.

3. Self-starter with the ability to work independently and as a collaborative team member.

4. Ability to perform miscellaneous trade skills as needed.

5. Excellent written and oral communication skills.

6. Willing and able to read and understand project plans.

7. Excellent interpersonal skills.

8. Willingness to seek and implement opportunities for personal growth and development in the construction industry.

9. Attends meetings related to on site construction and company business as necessary.

10. Understands quality workmanship.