2018 Process Operator Internship-Norco, LA

Norco, CA posted on November 2

The Norco Manufacturing Complex Process Technology internship is an opportunity for an individual to shadow a process operator within one of the units on the site and to learn first hand what the work of a process operator entails on a manufacturing site.
The Process Technology Internship is a 12-week internship program that will take place the summer of 2018.  During the 12 week internship, interns will attend a educational and orientation program for approximately 6 weeks and then be assigned to a specific unit for the remainder of the internship.  The intern will be assigned an operator mentor within the unit to shadow.  The intern will also be placed on a rotating 12 hour schedule to align with the operator mentor's schedule.

At the end of the 12-week internship, there will be a final assessment which will include a final presentation on learning's attained during the internship.  Based on the final assessment, interns have the potential to receive a full time offer from the company with in 1 year of completing the internship.  To be deemed successful, interns must demonstrate:
  1. An understanding of the unit they were assigned for the internship:  Key Equipment, their purpose, types of process and products produced, and Unit safety.
  2. An Understanding of the company's "Ensure Safe Production" processes and procedures
  3. Behaviors that align with the company's core values of honesty, integrity, and respect for people.
  4. Strong work ethic, reliable attendance and safety focused mindset
  5. collaboration and initiative to learn
  6. Mechanical and Technical aptitude
  7. Demonstrate the capacity to grow into an effective operator