2016 Summer Pipeline Internship - Electrical Technician

Carson, CA posted on February 16

Each intern will be assigned to a contact person in each work area. The intern is expected to shadow this person throughout the shift. The primary methods of learning are conversation, observation, and demonstration.

Operations Experience
  • Attend training class
  • Welcome to Shell/Overview of Shell Pipeline class
  • Tour the Pipeline Control Center and Call Center
  • Following and observing a variety of Pipeline operators as they complete daily chores
  • Review of how to complete a work permit
FieldĀ  Experience
  • Review Maintenance Execution Process assurance and Shadow a technician following the process
  • Work with technicians to perform preventative maintenance
  • Fill out a notification in SAP- Proper documentation of work executed via SAP systems
  • Review the applicable Manual/Standards and shadow a technician following the inspection procedures
  • Engage with the Control Center while shadowing a technician performing maintenance to ensure no nuisance Priority One alarms
  • Cost management: Receive exposure on and education on how cost management works. Draft cost estimates and for recurring work to keep costs within established budgets
  • Facilitate a team meeting
  • Make a safety presentation
  • Regular interface with Engineering, Craft Support Team and Operations personnel